Aug 4, 2009

Swampy/Swede loops

This loop starts with a 2.5 mile connect road that has a very sandy steep climb for a couple hundred yards before leveling off.

Once off the double track the rest of the loop is bliss. This loop is the one of the real treats of the race. Hopefully you have not bonked by now because this stuff is fun if you are feeling it.
The first loop is 19.4 miles. We go to the aid station at Swampy snow park, and then start an awesome descent to Swede shelter that continues to skyliners.

I did not get many pictures of the fun stuff because it was too good to stop but this is a brief section of double to split up the miles of downhill single track.
After that, more downhill with great views.

We turn back at skyliners and have a few relatively flat miles following Tumalo creek before hitting the climb up south fork. It is a nice packed trail with lots of shade for climbing back to swampy. We then head up Flagline and cross Flagline tie, that is loop one.

Loop two is about 7.5 miles and starts by taking us to Swampy aid station again, but then we go straight to swampy lakes. Ther we connect with the end of loop one that takes us back.
We go down the 2.5 mile connect to head back to Wanoga.

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