Aug 4, 2009

High Cascades 100 Mt. Bachelor loop

The high Cascades 100 mile bike race takes place Sunday, August 23rd and is staged at Wanoga snow play area about 15 miles west of bend.
We leave Wanoga at 6:30 in the morning on dirt roads that can be nice and firm like this.

There are some sandy sections, but at least we get a view, and once you get on the single track this will fade away.

After about 7 miles we cross under the road and continue the last 2.5 miles till we get to Sunrise lodge at Mt. Bachelor.
Where we are treated to a fabulous view.

We then commence the Epic single track ride around Mt Bachelor.

There are some technical sections here and fortunately we are going downhill mostly at this point.

Later we have a nice view of Lava lake, and there will be an aid station there. Drink lots!

Leaving Lava lake we are treated to about 5 miles of grueling single track climbing...

Followed by about 5 miles of some of the funnest singletrack descending central Oregon has to offer.
To finish off this we take a 4 mile double track climb back to the tunnel under the road and double back the way we came.
All told this loop with the out and back to and from Wanoga is about 50 miles and is by far the most difficult loop of the race. If you make it this far and your feeling good you are set.

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