Aug 10, 2009

High Cascades update

The course has undergone some revisions. We start the same and go around Mt. Bachelor but when we climb the 5 miles out from Lava Lake, instead of descending we go up to Kwolh shelter another 2 miles before descending. This climb and descent are very rough with sand and rocks galore.
The purpose was to cut off a good chunk of overly sandy double track from Edison back towards the Tunnel.
One of the results of this change is the fabulous view from Kwolh shelter.

This is going accross the top up by Kwolh.

Some sections of the descent are just a jumbled mess. I was able to clean most of it but you sure do have to scrub a lot of speed.

Full suspension would be good but I felt great on my 29er hard tail. 26 inch hard tail? I don't think so.

This photo of the road is a change to the Funner loop. We stop short of going all of the way down funner, and then take 4613 up to finish off on the last few miles of Tiddlywinks. Two reasons.
#1 We needed to shave off a few miles.
#2 Climbing Tiddlywinks at this stage in the race= no fun. 2miles climbing 4613=ok.
Making the Funner loop 8.8 miles.

On the Swampy/Swede section loop number two that was 7.5 miles has been extended to the exact same as loop number one that is 19.5 miles. With the changes we end up at 100.5 miles total, by my computer.

I expect the Bachelor loop to take me 5.5 hrs, and the Swamy loops to take 2 hrs each. Back to wanoga .5 hr, and Funner 1 hr.
So a grand total of 11hrs. That might be a pipe dream, I expect the top pro to just break under 10 hours. So maybe I'll be 12-14 if I bonk. You pretty much have to finish in 14 hrs to beat the darkness, so good luck! And see you out there!

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